Too Many Eggs!!!!

When we had raised chickens for a year, we decided we’d like more egg laying chickens. You know, raise our own eggs and maybe sell a few. Turns out our market doesn’t need more eggs, especially not ones that would be as expensive as ours would need to be to cover expenses.

So we decided it was time to advertise some of our flock on Craig’s List. We didn’t want to have to end their lives simply because we had too many, and we wanted them to have a good place to live out their days. We put the advertisement up, and had a response within 30 minutes! Turns out they wanted all the hens we had advertised, but not the roosters. Sadly, that means that we will have to process them.

So now we know that one good option for re-homing animals is Craig’s List (done responsibly, of course). Honestly, I hoped we would be able to find them a new home, but I wasn’t very confident. Glad I was wrong!

So in this venture, Craig’s List was our friend. Many of our chickens will go on to live happy, productive lives. Cheers!

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