Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

We love it when the apple blossoms are in full swing. We only wish you could smell their beautiful fragrance as well!

Winter held on as long as it could, but once spring was here, it came all at once! We now have apples blossoming, dandelions blooming, strawberries flowering, linden (basswood) trees are bloom, lilacs are making the air fragrant, black and honey locust trees are flowering, and early phlox has begun. We are in full swing, and the bees are enjoying it.

So far we’ve had a large influx of pollinators and their corresponding predators. We’ll see if we can get a picture of the bird that has been stalking the hives soon.

Strawberry Flowers

The bees are loving this, but we are going to have to watch them carefully as their populations are going to explode, as well as their honey production.

Our first video in a series following one of our hives will be posted to YouTube soon. We will be sure to update you when it goes up!

Enjoy spring…summer is on its way!

Spring is Here. Maybe.

We have flowers! We’ve had several warm days for this early in spring here, but alas, we found these flowers and the next day’s high was 13. So it is with early spring in the Northeast. It tempts you to do things outdoors and dream with sunny skies and warm weather, and then it plunges you back into winter the very next day.   (more…)