Storm Stella

I would be surprised if you had not heard of our incredible northeast snow storm this last week, which they have named Storm Stella. The picture to the left is of my van a couple of days after. While we’ve had our share of snow storms in the past, rarely do you get an entire winter’s worth of snow in one or two days! The good news for us is that this should help ease the depletion of our water tables due to recent droughts and lack of snowfall in years past.

All measured (a couple of days after) we had 23″ of snow (picture to the right).  Unbelievable! The county and a few surrounding counties had declared states of emergencies and roads were closed. I’m glad they did though. The snow plows could not keep up with the snow, no matter how hard they tried. I’ve never seen more than an inch of snow on the roads for very long, but there was what looked like inches on the road pretty much all day. Not to mention businesses and schools that NEVER close did, and some preemptively for the second day. Believe it or not, we had snow days for two days in a row! The kids were quite pleased, and we got to have a lot of fun in the snow. And a LOT of shoveling and snow blowing.

Our beehives were not very happy about it either, though we have yet to know how they fared. My husband said it is best to leave them as they are. Honestly, they face the sun, so by the time the weather warms up enough for them to fly, their top entrances should be clear. Here’s hoping for a low loss rate and healthy, happy hives come spring!

So I hope you will bear with me, as this has, unfortunately, delayed my seed starting, but that will be happening this next week. Until then…keep enjoying the simple things! 🙂

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