Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are all around us: robins, geese, cool spring rains, warmer days, early flowers, and puddles. Hopefully there won’t be any more major snow storms in the near future. That’s the thing about spring: it’s like riding a roller coaster. One day will be warm and sunny, and the next day will be cold and wet. But I think it makes those sunny days feel that much more warm. How about you?

The one sign of spring that we have not heard yet in our area are the spring peepers. My mother always said that spring was not officially here until you had seen three robins and heard the peepers sing for three nights. I always remember listening every night in the spring, just waiting for those peepers to start singing. It has always filled my heart with joy when they finally started singing. It still does to this day. Funny thing is, I always thought they were like crickets. My mom never told me those things making that beautiful music were actually frogs! Who knew?! I didn’t discover that they were actually frogs until school.

Signs of Spring

Seeing the song birds come back, and hearing their song in the morning just lifts my spirits. It is invigorating seeing new life come to the world around us and feeling the warm sun again. The winter here can be quite dreary. We can not wait for spring to arrive in full force!

How about you? Have there been any sayings about the signs of spring handed down through your family? Heard any peepers or seen any robins lately? Please feel free to share in the comments! 🙂

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