Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are all around us: robins, geese, cool spring rains, warmer days, early flowers, and puddles. Hopefully there won’t be any more major snow storms in the near future. That’s the thing about spring: it’s like riding a roller coaster. One day will be warm and sunny, and the next day will be cold…

Seed Starting Basics: Frost Dates

This post contains affiliate links. Should you buy items through those links, Bramble and Burdock would receive a commission. Thanks! So we are incredibly behind with our seed starting this year. Or so we thought. Our specific area has a later last frost date than the general USDA zone map had informed us. We had…

Storm Stella

I would be surprised if you had not heard of our incredible northeast snow storm this last week, which they have named Storm Stella. The picture to the left is of my van a couple of days after. While we’ve had our share of snow storms in the past, rarely

Spring is Here. Maybe.

We have flowers! We’ve had several warm days for this early in spring here, but alas, we found these flowers and the next day’s high was 13. So it is with early spring in the Northeast. It tempts you to do things outdoors and dream with sunny skies and warm weather, and then it plunges…

Too Many Eggs!!!!

When we had raised chickens for a year, we decided we’d like more egg laying chickens. You know, raise our own eggs and maybe sell a few. Turns out our market doesn’t need more eggs, especially not ones that would be as expensive as ours would need to be to cover expenses.