Hidden Eggs

The Case of the Hidden Eggs

A hen went broody the other week, so we were getting fewer eggs, but we were still getting some. Then recently, they stopped. No idea why. One hen going broody would not make all the hens stop laying eggs, but still we did not find any eggs for almost a week. We now know what happened to at least some of the eggs, although others are still mysteries.

Part of the Mystery Solved

Matthew was doing some beekeeping this weekend, and discovered this beauty:

A hen, we believe a Buff Orpington, has been laying eggs under the beehives. As you can see, there are five eggs, in about the safest places in the bee yard. We left them there in hopes that perhaps she will sit them once she has enough. I’m really hoping for some adorable baby chicks to be roaming the yard with their mama!

The Continued Mystery

So we have figured out where some of them have gone, but there is still a larger mystery: where are the other seven hens are laying there eggs. Have you ever had hens hide their eggs and figure out where they were?

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