As the gardening season progresses, you will find posts related to the garden here. We will be doing all sorts of garden related activities such as: planning, starting seedlings, making paper pots, plant and seedling ID, and more!

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How a Garden Can Change Your Ecosystem...And How it Changed Ours

How a Garden Can Change Your Ecosystem…And How it Changed Ours

When we first moved to our home in Cooperstown, NY, the ecosystem around our home was sparse. Most of the farms in our area produce corn and soybeans, and maybe some hay...Read More »

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects 

As many of you are probably aware, our populations of beneficial insects are in trouble. Bees and butterflies are what come to the forefront of my mind when thinking of beneficial insects, although they are far from the only ones. There are a variety of insects, including beetles, spiders,...Read More »

Garlic: From Planting to Harvest

Types of Garlic

There are two types of garlic: hardneck and softneck. The plants form in different ways and have different harvest potentials. It is generally said that softneck varieties do well in warmer climates, where as hardneck varieties do well in northern, harsher climates. We plant hardneck garlic as we...Read More »

Seed Starting Basics: Basic Supplies & Prep

So you’ve decided to start some seeds, but aren’t sure what you need? There are a lot of decisions to make. With all of the decisions about containers, soil, markers, and, on top of all of that, what seeds to choose?  It isn’t as difficult as you might...Read More »

Seed Starting Basics: Planning

I was originally going to post about gathering and prepping your materials, but then realized I was missing one of the most important steps: planning! You really shouldn’t start planting until you know how much you need to plant and of what. It could get you in a whole mess...Read More »

Seed Starting Basics: Frost Dates

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So we are incredibly behind with our seed starting this year. Or so we thought. Our specific area has a later last frost date than the general...Read More »

Spring is Here. Maybe.

We have flowers! We’ve had several warm days for this early in spring here, but alas, we found these flowers and the next day’s high was 13. So it is with early spring in the Northeast. It tempts you to do things outdoors and dream with sunny skies...Read More »