Spring Hive Inspection and Splits!

April 2017 Splits – The bees are preparing to swarm!

We knew that our bees that survived winter were doing well, but we had no idea they were doing as well as they are. We’ve already found swarm cells and thus had to do splits. The bees create swarm cells to create a new queen. After the eggs are laid for the new queen, and the old queen leaves with about half of the hive. This is how hives multiply themselves.  We also split another hive that was doing really well, and supered (added supers to the hives for honey). We are very pleased with how ambitious these hives are so far, and with the apples and dandelions blooming, with many others not far behind, a spring honey harvest may not be far off!

Spring Splits



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Check out our video to see what we did (including catching a queen!). It’s lots of fun. 🙂

First May Inspection

The following weekend (this weekend) we inspected those nucs, added some more boxes, and took a look at some of our other hives. You can see some of what we did in the below video. We hope you enjoy!

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