Finally added wheels to the chickshaw!

chickshaw wheelWe definitely still have room for further improvements in our rendition of Justin Rhodes design. Our wooden axle broke once right after installing and turning over to install the other wheel. We were able to hodgepodge it back together by splitting the axle. We also plan to replace our wooden axle on this chickshaw with a metal shaft for stability. This was already in the plans due to the dowel rod length we needed being unavailable. We’ve also yet to find the time to do some overdue weatherization.




Overall it’s still a vast improvement that allowed us to move the chickens in the chickshaw (and herd the geese) into last years garden to give it a much-needed weeding. I think my bees will also be quite happy not to be pestered quite so much by poultry.

Love that poultry!

last time the rooster will be in the beeyard

geese herding

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