Finally added wheels to the chickshaw!

We definitely still have room for further improvements in our rendition of Justin Rhodes design. Our wooden axle broke once right after installing and turning over to install the other wheel. We were able to hodgepodge it back together by splitting the axle. We also plan to replace our...Read More »

Hidden Eggs

The Case of the Hidden Eggs

A hen went broody the other week, so we were getting fewer eggs, but we were still getting some. Then recently, they stopped. No idea why. One hen going broody would not make all the hens stop laying eggs, but still we did not find...Read More »

Predator in the Coop! Homesteading Adventures

Up to this point, we have been extremely lucky. We have never lost a chicken, or chick, to any predator. While that has not changed, we have lost many eggs, and could have lost chickens not too long ago. This happened a few weeks ago, but we’ve been so busy...Read More »

Too Many Eggs!!!!

When we had raised chickens for a year, we decided we’d like more egg laying chickens. You know, raise our own eggs and maybe sell a few. Turns out our market doesn’t need more eggs, especially not ones that would be as expensive as ours would need to be to┬ácover...Read More »