As the beekeeping season progresses, you will find posts related to the bees here. We will be doing beekeeping inspections, harvesting and processing honey, and working with splits.

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Hive Inspection Series: Where's the Queen?

Did We Finally Find the Queen?

In our last inspection, we did find eggs, but the queen was elusive, as ever. This is our last-ditch effort to find her before combining. Watch along to see if we find her!

If you would like to see the playlist, please go here: Read More »

Hive Inspection Series: Eggs and No Queen?!

And the puzzle continues!

In our last inspection, we thought we saw the queen coming back from her mating flight, but relocating her was unsuccessful. Do you think we’ll find her during this inspection? Watch along while Matthew hunts for any signs that this isn’t a queenless hive inspection (here’s a hint:...Read More »

Is Our Queen Still Missing? Hive Inspection Series

Hooray for the second video in the Hive Inspection Series!

In our last inspection, we found many queen cells. What happened to them? Do we have a queen? Watch along while Matthew hunts for any signs that this isn’t a queenless hive inspection. If you missed the first video in the series,...Read More »

Hive Inspection Series Has Begun!

The beekeeping season is in full swing, and we are starting off our YouTube channel with a series following one of the hives through the beekeeping season. We will be following Matthew through the inspection and management of what was one of our stronger hives going into last winter. But...Read More »

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

We love it when the apple blossoms are in full swing. We only wish you could smell their beautiful fragrance as well!

Winter held on as long as it could, but once spring was here, it came all at once! We now have apples blossoming, dandelions blooming, strawberries flowering, linden...Read More »

How a Garden Can Change Your Ecosystem...And How it Changed Ours

How a Garden Can Change Your Ecosystem…And How it Changed Ours

When we first moved to our home in Cooperstown, NY, the ecosystem around our home was sparse. Most of the farms in our area produce corn and soybeans, and maybe some hay...Read More »

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects 

As many of you are probably aware, our populations of beneficial insects are in trouble. Bees and butterflies are what come to the forefront of my mind when thinking of beneficial insects, although they are far from the only ones. There are a variety of insects, including beetles, spiders,...Read More »

Honey Bottles!


Our first honey harvest of the season is right around the corner, and we have our shipment of bottles ready to go! We have a variety of bottles and sizes, but we only have a few of each, so keep an eye out for your favorite. It...Read More »

Spring Hive Inspection and Splits!

April 2017 Splits – The bees are preparing to swarm!

We knew that our bees that survived winter were doing well, but we had no idea they were doing as well as they are. We’ve already found swarm cells and thus had to do splits. The bees create swarm cells to create...Read More »

Local Honey Purchases

Local Honey!!

Want to buy some local honey from us, but don’t want to pay shipping? We’ve tried to find a way to make it possible for you to buy local honey from us through Etsy, but the options are limited. We have just learned that there is only one way...Read More »

Lots of Honey!

We’ve got our Etsy store up and running, so if you are interested in creamed honey, comb honey, honey in a fancy glass bottle, or just honey in a plastic squeeze bottle – we’ve got you covered. But we have a limited supply, so don’t wait too long!

You can click...Read More »